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5 Good reasons to eat goji berries

5 Good reasons to eat goji berries


The Goji Berries are the fruit of a plant belonging to the Solanaceae family, the same to which belong tomatoes, potatoes, aubergines and hot peppers. Known with the name of Lycium barbarum, the plant of these extraordinary berries produces fruits with incredible properties considered in fact a long life elixir. They grow spontaneously in the eastern regions. We find them from Mongolia to the Himalayas, Tibet and the Chinese regions.
The name, Goji, derives from an approximation from the Chinese term "gǒuqǐ" (枸杞) which means berry and presumably also from the same root that has the Persian word "gojeh" (گوجه) which also means berry.

the risk of cataracts, especially when combined with another antioxidant, lutein.

B vitamins. These are important for the well-being of the mind. Vitamin B1 is essential for the nervous system while B3 has a positive influence on mood.
They are a food rich in dietary fiber and proteins, then the presence of chromium and zinc helps to reduce the sense of hunger and activate the metabolism. In a balanced diet, Goji berries contribute to weight loss. A research carried out at the University of Ningxia revealed this ability. A group of overweight patients were given goji berries in the morning and afternoon. At the end of the experiment, most people had lost weight in a tangible way.
Moreover, according to a Chinese study published in Life Sciences, they would be able to improve male fertility. The research, conducted on laboratory rats has shown the effectiveness of these fruits regarding the sexual sphere. In particular, on these mice emerged these effects: greater quantity of spermatozoa, better sexual capacity and increased testosterone levels.
To obtain health benefits it is recommended to take 20-25 gr of dried goji berries a day. Scientific studies suggest that their intake should be delayed for a period of at