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7 benefits of Hemp seeds

7 benefits of Hemp seeds


The Hemp Seeds as the most known pumpkin seeds and linseed are small pearls rich in proteins, fibers, amino acids and mineral salts and antioxidants essential for the body. In recent years the international scientific community has turned the spotlight on these seeds, assigning the title of Super Food to cannabis seeds. In the seeds of Hemp we find in fact ¼ of proteins and a relevant presence of aminoacids that make protein synthesis. Relevant in hemp seeds is the presence of vitamin E and tocopherol essential for counteracting diseases such as Alzheimer's and atherosclerosis Hemp seeds are essential in cell regeneration and are of fundamental importance for people who do not assimilate animal proteins such as vegans. Since 3000 years both hemp seeds and the derived oil are used both as medicine and to garnish and enrich different dishes in different cuisines both Western and Asian Recent studies have defined the magical cannabis seeds and allies of the organism in that they contrast different pathologies here is a list; They prevent arteriosclerosis They reduce bad cholesterol They reduce rheumatic symptoms Eliminate skin impurities such as acne, eczema atopic dermatitis They contribute to the well-being of the central nervous system They protect against blood clotting Protection against stroke  On the market we find them both in shell and decorticated, clearly varies the price for the processing of decortication, the available formats 200 grams and kilo. For the quantities to be taken daily, especially in cases of serious illness, always ask a consultation to your doctor or nutritionist If you are interested in knowing the price click here


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