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Hazelnuts | Giffoni | Fruttaseccaesalute.it

Hazelnuts | Giffoni | Fruttaseccaesalute.it


Hazelnuts and Health
The hazelnuts are called friends of the heart and skin because thanks to the presence of phytosterols, prevent cardiovascular diseases and lower LDL cholesterol levels and raise the cholesterol good and very rich in vitamin E important for the skin and aging are also rich in vitamins of Group B important for the functioning of the nervous system also present substantial amount of fundamental magnesium against fatigue and stress
Curiosities on hazelnuts
Famous in the world for the production of a spreadable cream, the Hazelnut is
used in the kitchen both for the preparation of sweet and savory dishes and is a pleasant snack spezzafame, very welcome is the hazelnut grains used a lot in ice cream as a cover for ice cream, cakes and pies
among the cultivars in Italy we have that IGP cultivated in the province of Salerno
and precisely to Giffoni Vallepiana from which it takes its name,
town also renowned for the film festival dedicated to children.
Characteristics and Production of Hazelnuts
La Nocciola di Giffoni enhances all its characteristics with the roasting process

The Hazelnut of Giffoni is available shelled and peeled and ready to eat

Other production areas are Piedmont and Lazio with the Viterbo area

The Hazelnut lends itself very well to the industry as well as for spreadable creams true treats for children and not only, for the production of butter used a lot in the kitchen and oil for the


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