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Peanuts Friends of Women

Peanuts Friends of Women


Peanuts also called spagnolette, ground chickpeas, American peanuts, bagigi, barbagigi, scacchetti, cecini, gallette, marchesini, scaccaglie are used to make peanut oil or peanut butter or they are roasted and eaten. Peanuts commonly identified as nuts are actually legumes that grow under the surface from the plant known scientifically with the term Arachis hypogaea L. which is an herbaceous plant belonging to the family Fabaceae or Leguminosae. In the native countries of the plant, especially in South America, peanuts are consumed raw, while in western countries it is very common to eat the toasted legume.

Peanuts are very protein and energy pulses, so they are very suitable in cases of overwork, debilitation and asthenia, they are also excellent for sportsmen.
Studies conducted in Taiwan have found that eating peanuts at least twice a week would help reduce the risk of colon cancer by 31%. Recently, in the Journal of Neurology, a study has been published on how the niacin, substance present in these fruits, would be a valuable aid for the prevention of Alzheimer's.
Peanuts, having many mono-unsaturated fats, are capable of fighting certain diseases caused by cardiovascular problems. Besides all this, it should not be forgotten that as many dried fruits there are some antioxidants, such as oleic acid and resveratrol, which can probably have a preventive role towards some types of cancer.
The genistein contained in peanuts, on the other hand, has beneficial properties for women. This compound is an important antioxidant whose properties, proven for some time, have beneficial effects on PMS and its ability to combat hot flashes and depression.
In addition to this peanuts have also been attributed galactogenic properties, or the ability to stimulate the production of breast milk in women.


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