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Pecan Nuts are harvested from the Carya illinoensis, a tree belonging to the Juglandaceae family, originating in the area between Mexico and the United States. The term "Pecan" comes from the Native Americans and literally means "hazelnut that requires a stone to be broken".
Today it is found mainly in the southern United States, in Brazil, Australia and Israel. The tree of this fruit can exceed 40 meters in height and can live up to 300 years. Botanically speaking, the fruit of the walnut is actually a drupe and what we eat is the seed, although commonly pecan nuts are considered nuts very similar to the classic walnuts.
The flowering takes place in spring while the pecans are harvested from October to November. Initially, the pecans after harvest are subjected to a process of dehydration to improve their conservation.

V.Rif 100 g



Acqua g 3,5 E mg 24,44 Calcio mg 70
Proteine g 9,1 A IU 56 Rame mg 1,2
Fibre g 9,6 B1 mg 0,66 Ferro mg 2,53
Zuccheri g 4 B3 mg 1,167 Potassio mg 410
Grassi g 71,9 Folati μg 22 Fosforo mg 277
g 1,5 C mg 1,1 Zinco mg 4,53
Amido g 0,4

Selenio μg 3,8

Magnesio mg 121