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Macadamia nuts, properties and how to use them and prices

Macadamia nuts, properties and how to use them and prices


Macadamia nuts, properties and how to use them - prices Macadamia nuts ... Did you know that their first use dates back more than five centuries? Macadamia nuts origins • 1 • In fact, the first to use walnuts were the Australian aborigines, which is why worldwide they are also known as Australian walnuts, and who knows if they had already been aware of the enormous positive effects that Macadamia integrifolia, scientific name of the walnut, involves on a physical level. Macadamia Nuts Benefits • 2 • In fact walnuts are decidedly energetic: every 100 grams it contains about 730 calories, and they have an excellent content of healthy fats that help keep the arteries in good condition. Macadamia Nut Properties • 3 • They are also important mineral sources, such as calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium and selenium, the latter particularly known as a cardio-protective element, assisted by omega 9 fatty acids, of which walnuts are rich, which, in addition to contributing to cardiovascular health, they greatly limit the "bad" cholesterol. In fact, Omega 9 fats bring health benefits, and thanks to recent studies, they have discovered their crucial importance in the processes of inflammation and cholesterol control. • 4 • In addition, thanks to the lubricating properties of omega 9 fatty acids, these small fruits are able to prevent constipation. In fact, the action of fats lubricates the intestine, increasing intestinal motility.


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