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Mango online Dehydrated

Mango online Dehydrated


5 GOOD REASONS TO EAT MANGO 1) The mango counters aging Rich in vitamin C contorted free radicals 2) Mango Strengthens and improves SIGHT Very rich in vitamin A and its precursors that help the retina of the eye 3) Use the Mango if you have management problems The mango rich in digestive enzymes that therefore favor the digestive process 4) Mango Contrasts Hypertension Thanks to the amount of potassium present it rebalances the liquids with consequent lowering of the blood pressure. 5) With Mango You can forget about constipation Rich in fiber, it regulates intestinal function and therefore causes constipation MANGO: ORIGINS AND CULTIVAR The first time we hear of the Papaya is back in 1519 when Hermàn Cortèz arrived in the Americas, where he was mistaken by the Aztecs for a deity and at the end of the banquet offered in his name, he was further honored with a strange and colorful fruit, similar to the melon, but with the golden skin and soft pulp, the papaya, which helped him more easily digest all the food offered to him. Other past characters have described or talked about this fruit; Christopher Columbus, he called it "the fruit of the angels", while Vasco De Gama named it "fruit of eternal youth", Marco Polo instead verified its properties against scurvy, widespread at the time among the crews at sea. Moreover from the Maya the papaya plant was known as the "tree of life", then with the passing of the centuries the term papaya has assumed different and curious names also because of different uses and traditions. - • In the Caribbean it is called "fruta de bomba" - • Mexicans call it "melon copote" - • In Brazil, instead, "mamaole"


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