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Oxidative Stress Combat it with Almonds

Oxidative Stress Combat it with Almonds



Almonds contain a good amount of fatty acids, mainly monounsaturated, which together with a good percentage of manganese, copper and riboflavin (Vitamin B2), intervene in the various biochemical reactions that occur in our body. Their use is recommended at certain times when the body is particularly in need of energy. Pregnancies, convalescences, sports, physical and intellectual overwork. This property is due in particular to the good percentage of manganese, copper and riboflavin. Almonds can be considered a complete food. They are less fat than walnuts, for example, but have more stimulating and healing properties. For this they are recommended in case of malnutrition. "Only one handful of almonds can contain one eighth of our daily protein requirement".

According to a study conducted by the Health Research and Studies Center, taking a small amount of almonds regularly would help lower the levels of bad LDL cholesterol in the blood. Thanks to the participation of monounsaturated fats, considered "good fats" that operate by reducing the share of LDL cholesterol, called "bad", in the blood. High amounts of cholesterol in the blood lead to so-called oxidative stress, which is a cell damage caused by a surplus of chemical species in the body and vitamin E is decisive for keeping this process under control, being an antioxidant.
But without forgetting also the role of fiber that reduces the absorption of cholesterol in food and that produced by our body, and this confirms the existence of a link between levels of cholesterol and almonds consumed.

These seeds have numerous properties, including that of combating intestinal inflammation and improving and strengthening the intestine. According to a recent scientific study these seeds are an excellent source of prebiotics, substances that are not absorbed by the body, but used by the intestinal bacterial flora. Almonds are of great help, also, in the case of constipation or in the presence of an inflamed intestine, caused by an imbalance of the intestinal bacterial flora that reveals itself as an abdominal swelling. Because they favor the evacuation of faeces, many consider natural laxative almonds, but if you want to speed up the digestive process and its beneficial effects it is essential to accompany them with lots


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