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Pistachios Benefits on the Cardio system and beyond

Pistachios Benefits on the Cardio system and beyond



Pistachios among the many benevolent characteristics have the ability to lower cholesterol and promote the health of the heart without forgetting the benefits it brings to the cardiovascular system. According to various studies such as this published in 2010 on Nutrition, regular consumption of pistachios would reduce total cholesterol up to 10.1%, LDL (bad) cholesterol up to 8.6% and also improve endothelial function. The endothelium is the internal lining of blood vessels and thanks to nitric oxide it favors vasodilation and consequently a greater flow of blood. The pistachio contains large amounts of L-arginine, a compound that is converted into nitric oxide from our body. A study of 32 young and healthy people has shown that consuming pistachios improves endothelial vasodilation by 30%. "The recommended daily dose is about 30 gr which corresponds to 25/30 pistachios".


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