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Salts from the world "colors and flavors "-Fruttaseccaesalute.it

Salts from the world  "colors and flavors "-Fruttaseccaesalute.it


Salts from the world
Of salt we find different colors and flavors
In fact we find in addition to the classic white salt buds, the Tibetan pink, the red salt of haway, smoked salt, gray salt, salts from the world have the ability to color and flavor our dishes
Origin and history of the Salt of the world
For centuries these small crystals of sodium chloride had a fundamental role, not only as a preservative or a flavorer, but also in economic and social relations, in fact there are testimonies that describe how salt was used as a commodity of Valuable exchange.
Just in Roman times, there was a surge in production and sale of salt given the demand that increased exponentially and this made it necessary to create new routes of communication, including the famous Via Salaria.